Interceptor Spectrum



  • Prevents heartworm infection
  • Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes so all dogs are potentially at risk
  • For heartworm prevention, Interceptor Spectrum must be administered every month, preferably on the same date each month.
Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms

  • Controls roundworm, whipworm, hookworm
  • These worms can be picked up by dogs of any age from the environment


  • Kills both flea tapeworm plus the deadly hydatid tapeworm
  • Tapeworm can be spread from dogs to humans
Protection made easy

Protection made easy

  • Parasite protection is important for both your dog and your family as some parasites can be passed onto people
  • One tasty chew monthly all year round is all it takes to protect your dog against the most dangerous worms

Why does tapeworm matter?

  • Not all worming treatments protect against tapeworm

  • Tapeworm in dogs can lead to weight loss and diarrhoea

  • Tapeworm can also spread from dogs to humans - and in the case of hydatid tapeworm, infection can be fatal

Petowner with dog and Tapeworm safety
Interceptor Spectrum Pack for Large Dogs

Interceptor Spectrum information

  • Read the enclosed Interceptor Spectrum leaflet for full instructions

  • In safety studies conducted with Interceptor Spectrum, some mild and transient adverse reactions were observed following dosing. These reactions included reduced activity, increased salivation, vomiting, ataxia and tremors.

  • Before starting Interceptor Spectrum, you should have your veterinarian confirm that your dog does not have heartworm

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